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Sheriff’s Office and Cadiz Police Reports 8/3-8/9 – Harrison News Herald


Sheriff’s Office


A Hopedale woman reported that someone had hit her parked car. The deputy observed blue paint transfer on the vehicle and determined that the vehicle that struck it was likely a truck or SUV. The next day, the woman contacted the office, saying she had received information about the alleged perpetrator. She had made a Facebook post about it and had been told the vehicle was at an apartment complex in Hopedale. The deputy went to the complex and identified the blue truck with the damage expected from sideswiping the woman’s vehicle. He tried but was unsuccessful in making contact with the truck owner. He talked to several apartment complex residents, who all stated the damage to the truck was recent. On August 6th, the office received a call that the truck’s owner was at his residence and working on the truck, possibly attempting to destroy evidence. A deputy was dispatched and questioned the owner. The owner claimed to have “coughing severely and passed out” while en route to his residence a few nights before. He was issued a citation for Failure to Report and Accident and one for Failure to Maintain Control.


A unit was requested to an Adena residence to file a report about a disorderly neighbor. The resident explained that their neighbor had come to the edge of her yard, yelling at them and threatening to kill them. The deputy contacted the neighbor, who claimed she was asking for help looking for her deceased son, who she said had been murdered and dumped in her driveway before being taken away by EMTs. The deputy assured the woman that none of that happened. Due to her mental state, the woman could not be taken to any jail. She was advised to remain in her home and away from her neighbors. 

A Freeport woman called to report a domestic disturbance between herself and her boyfriend. The woman said her boyfriend, Laiphe Helmersen, had hit one of their children and thrown a tea bottle at her. When Helmersen was contacted, he admitted throwing the bottle but said he had not touched his child. Due to his admittance, he was arrested, and the woman said she wanted to have a temporary protection order against Helmersen.


A detective in an unmarked, undercover vehicle observed someone driving erratically. The detective ran the plate as the vehicle pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru. Another unit joined and pulled the erratic vehicle over when it had exited the parking lot and gotten back on 22. The driver consented to a sobriety test and then a BAC test. The driver was arrested, and his vehicle was secured for a sober driver to retrieve later. 


Deputies were called to an accident on Foxes Bottom rd in Cadiz. Driver one was rear-ended while waiting to make a lefthand turn. There were three injured, and two were taken to Community Hospital. 


A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report that a catalytic converter was stolen from her father’s truck. Her father had been trying to sell the truck, and it had not been driven in 1-2 weeks. The woman said a unit didn’t need to come out to see it and said she had no idea who might have stolen the part. She said she just wanted to make the office aware of the theft.

A damaged vehicle was reported in Scio. The minivan was reportedly struck …….

Source: https://harrisonnewsherald.com/2022/08/25/sheriffs-office-and-cadiz-police-reports-8-3-8-9/

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