Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

Specialty print manufacturer opens showroom, office downtown – Greater Wilmington Business Journal


A Midwestern manufacturer has opened a regional showroom and office in downtown Wilmington.
Martin Yale Industries LLC, which produces equipment for specialty print finishing, packaging and high-speed inkjet printing, selected Wilmington for its first off-site location. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing plant are in Wabash, Indiana.
John Davis, Martin Yale Industries’ vice president of sales and marketing, said in a news release, “We have always welcomed our dealers and business partners into our plant and distribution center in Wabash, Indiana, and will continue to do so, but thought it was important to have another option for on-site demonstrations that would bring us even closer to our committed dealer network.”
Wilmington was a logical choice for the company’s expansion location, according to Brian Hermon, the company’s marketing manager.
“We had one or two employees there to start off with,” he said Tuesday. “As we continue to grow and utilize our work-from-home staff, they are within driving distance of Wilmington. So there’s momentum and proximity to some of our dealers.”
Martin Yale manufactures and distributes equipment that performs specialty printing and finishing for packaging. At the end of 2021, it expanded its offerings with the acquisition of Postmark, a California-based provider of mailroom equipment for the packaging, printing, health care, pharmaceutical and automation markets.
“With our most recent acquisition of Postmark and the successful introduction of the RD435 die-cutting machine by Dyna-Cut, we felt the time was right to open a location for our dealers and partners in the Eastern U.S. to be able to see our newest technology firsthand,” Greg German, president of Martin Yale, said in the release. “Especially with the upcoming market launch of our new RapidColor high-speed printing solutions, we want as many people as possible to see those machines live and in person.”

Postmark gives Martin Yale additional packaging printer capability and increased capacity for production, Hermon said. For print finishing, Martin Yale offers equipment that can fold, perforate, laminate and die-cut paper and packaging material.
“Good examples are door hangers: they are a unique shape to fit over the door handle, and maybe they have perforation at the bottom,” Hermon said. “Our equipment can also produce table tents or even retail boxes. Our customers include manufacturers producing packaging, print shops, or even product producers themselves.”
Along with the demonstration showroom, there will be customer service and sales support at the Wilmington location in the Common Desk building at 226 N. Front St.

Source: https://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/more_news/2022/06/14/specialty_print_manufacturer_opens_showroom_office_downtown/23316

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