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Starcom Romania launches 2021 edition of Consumer Report study – Business Review – Business Review


Starcom România launches 2021 edition of the Consumer Report benchmark study, which analyses the behavior of Romanian consumers in terms of purchasing preferences, consumption of online and offline content, home and away-from-home activities and use of technology. Now in its 8th edition, the study provides particularly valuable information for understanding consumers and their changing behavior. 


The study considered four categories of consumers, as follows: 

  • Families with kids – families with children up to the age of 14, most of them aged 18-45; 
  • Teens – young people aged between 14 and 17, mostly students; 
  • Single Youth – aged between 18 and 34, without children;  
  • Families without kids – most family members are over 45 and do not have children under 14. 


About this year’s edition 

“Here we are at the eighth edition of the Consumer Report, an edition in which we observe changes in the media consumption habits of Romanians, changes accentuated by the pandemic context. Year after year, Consumer Report is richer in information, tracking the main activities of Romanians from urban areas, both offline and online shopping behavior, core values by age segment and new interesting case studies based on insights from the 4 segments analyzed. In the interactive version, which you can access on, in addition to the evolution of these behaviors compared to 2020 and 2019, you will find integrated a selection of studies part of the Starcom HumanGraphExperience series, most popular being Black Friday and Influence Me,” said Andreea Zanfir, Head of Consumer Insights, Starcom Romania. 


The most important issues presented in detail in the 2021 Consumer Report 


Use of TV and other devices 

The Smart TV continue to gain ground, 2021 being the first year when the smart devices are used to the same extent as traditional ones by the Urban population. Teens and youth are the first to embrace the new technology, both of them with double digit increase compared to prior year. At the same time, young men show the largest increases: +16% among teens and +11% among young adults. The new screen technologies are adopted faster by older men, while tube sets became an exception. 

Online consumption 

The possession of devices (laptop, tablet, desktop and console) decreased during the pandemic period on all segments. Most likely because people started working from home and used office equipment. On the other hand, the time spent on devices has increased, which shows that the main owners are also heavy users. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, there has been an increase in the number of smartphones …….


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