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Take on Big Challenges and Grow Your Skill Set at These 14 Companies – Built In Chicago




Such exclamations are typically people’s go-to responses to milestone professional transitions. But landing a new job doesn’t have to be the only exciting or congratulatory part of the job search process. In fact, the search itself can be pretty exciting, especially if it leads you to ambitious companies reshaping their industries and offering real opportunities for professional development.

Where to start that search often remains in question, though. According to internal Built In data, 624 tech companies are currently hiring in Chicago. We recently spoke with 14 employees at each organization about what makes their work energizing and how it has helped them grow in their careers. 

Continue reading to get an in-depth understanding of the exciting work these companies do, how they facilitate professional development and what they look for in top talent.




John Anderson

Senior Product Manager


What they do: The insurance industry uses CyberCube’s data and analytics platform to better understand and quantify cybersecurity risks.

Their workforce in one word: Excited. 

The company has built a unique culture of excitement where everyone — regardless of their tenure — is motivated and stimulated by their work and contribution to the broader mission. Collaborative, intellectual and action-oriented individuals best embody CyberCube’s values. I am looking for diverse individuals from cross-disciplinary backgrounds who will take initiative and work collaboratively on our next innovations.

What professional development looks like at CyberCube: CyberCube has given me the opportunity to spread my wings and truly demonstrate what I am capable of. My role has transformed a few times already, enabling me to grow, refine my skill set and truly feel like I’m doing the best work of my career. I started in professional services on the client success team and have grown into the product lead and product manager for “Account Manager,” one of our core products. 

On the client success team, I worked hand in hand with clients, from initial onboarding through adoption, meeting face to face at times to tailor our product solutions to their workflow. Given my domain expertise, I was also able to involve myself in product development. Opportunities to specialize arose, and I started to work with our single-risk product set and discovered a passion for product management. I am proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to the continued role I get to play.</…….


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