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The 10 Best Ellipticals For Home To Max Out Your Cardio Workouts – Forbes


The best ellipticals for home let you get in solid sweat sessions while taking it easy on your joints. But this equipment isn’t just about saving your knees, hips and ankles from the pounding they can take during high-impact exercises. Elliptical machines are specially designed to give you a challenging cardio workout while working on your endurance (along with building up the muscles in your arms and legs).

The ProForm Carbon E7 is a near-silent machine that offers 24 resistance levels and folds for … [+] storage, making it one of the best ellipticals for home use.


There are Peloton-style ellipticals that give you curated and live workouts, right from your machine. Others have Bluetooth to allow you to easily use fitness apps on your phone or tablet, while some are just laser-focused on your workout without all the bells and whistles (because not everyone needs those). There are also ellipticals that easily fold up, and ones that meet pretty much every price point, down to $150. Basically, the right elliptical machine is out there for you—you just need to know where to find it.

With that in mind, these are the best ellipticals for your home. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an option on this list for everyone.

Best Elliptical Overall

A Crowd-Pleasing Option That Has All The Features You Need

  • Dimensions: 73 L x 27 W x 66.9 H inches
  • Maximum user capacity: 350 pounds
  • Stride length: 22 inches

If you want an elliptical machine that’s rugged, versatile and features great ergonomics, the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer is a solid choice. You get 25 levels of resistance, a 10-degree motorized incline and a generous 22-inch stride. The padded foot pedals are adjustable so you can set it up to perfectly fit your natural movement, and the system tracks metrics like time, distance and calories on the LCD display. Granted, the LCD display is nothing to write home about, but if you’re mainly looking to keep track of your workouts, it’ll get the job done.

The E618 works best in conjunction with Nautilus’s Explore the World app, which lets you cycle through beautiful courses around the world (you’ll need to pay a subscription for certain features). If you want to follow along as you workout, you can connect your own tablet via Bluetooth.

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Best Full Body Workout Elliptical

A Sweat-Inducing Machine With An Intense Calorie Burn

  • Dimensions: 49.2 L x 30.5 W x 65.1 H inches
  • Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds
  • Stride length: N/A

Bowflex’s Max Trainer series is what you get when you cross an elliptical with a stair stepper. The result is a machine with 20 levels of resistance that delivers full-body, low-impact exercise with an intense calorie-burning workout. Bowflex says that lets you burn more calories in less time for more efficient workouts, and the company cites a study that asserts the M9’s …….


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