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GUANGZHOU, China, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 10-day 131st Canton Fair kicked off online on April 15. The Health and Recreation section, among a wide range of exhibits, draws the attention of global buyers. Over 260,000 exhibits were displayed online by nearly 3,600 enterprises in the section, ranging from food,  medicine and health products, medical machinery, to sports, tourism and leisure products, toys, and office stationery.

Gel pens, for example, are not only easy to write with, but are also antibacterial and stress-relieving. To meet the health needs of consumers, office stationery enterprises are opening up new markets with innovative products. The antibacterial TrueColor silver-ion gel pen exhibited by Shanghai Lotus Stationery has bacteriostatic and antibacterial effects by disrupting the bacterial electrolyte balance with IONPURE, a soluble glass particle with antibacterial metal ions. The gel pen rolled out by Wenzhou Aihao Pen Trade has a lovely body design. Made of memory foam, the item offers a comfortable and soft hand feel as it slowly rebounds after being squeezed.

In the post-pandemic era, where staying at home has become the norm, equipment that meets professional fitness needs without taking up too much space has become top choice for home workout. The Shanxi Yeekang Fitness Products bicycle has a high-tech HSR system, which not only reduces the overall weight and size of the product, but also ensures that resistance is equal to that of large equipment. Developing new children’s toys that are safe, environment-friendly and highly interactive has become a popular trend. The EVA magnetic soft building blocks from Chifeng Surf Foam Products use new high-expansion ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA), and meet international testing standards. The magnetic blocks can join together in all directions and are not only fun but also educational. The Disney co-branded 3D scooter from Mesuca Sports Guangdong has a Mickey Mouse-shaped head and adjustable height, and offers driving safety, ensuring children’s coordinated physical development.

According to Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, Chinese enterprises occupy an important market position in terms of products that address basic life demands, such as food and medical products, as well as sports, entertainment and office products that improve people’s life quality. This Canton Fair has pooled together a variety of selected creative products, hoping to bring consumers a healthy and recreative experience.

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