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Transforming CO2 into concrete and plastics. Designing cutting-edge green university campuses. Sourcing circular materials for consumer electronics, cleaning products and fashion. Expanding diverse talent in sustainability professions.

Those are just a few of the ambitious efforts led by the 2022 members of the GreenBiz 30 Under 30.

This seventh year of celebrating 30 young outstanding leaders in sustainability represents four continents and major cities including Amsterdam, Brussels, Hong Kong, London, Nairobi, Paris and Toronto. In the United States, they hail from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. True to the times, several among this cohort work at home in relatively small towns for big-city offices hundreds or thousands of miles away.

They are inside corporations as varied as Bath & Body Works, Converse, Danone, Dell, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Lineage Logistics, Primark, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Weyerhauser and Whole Foods. Their employers make goods as varied as cars, consumer electronics, soap, yogurt and refrigeration systems. Some offer services from banking to consulting to investments in clean tech. Other honorees are influencing the business world through startups and nonprofits they have founded or through roles at the United Nations and the European Commission.

What they have in common is setting their minds to making a sustainable impact on fields as diverse as banking, fashion, food, transportation, venture capital and waste management.

We’re thrilled to present the 2022 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 below, in alphabetical order by surname. Thank you to Net Impact, the World Council for Sustainable Development and the World Economy Forum for helping spread the word and drum up more nominations than we have ever received. We’re excited to see what these individuals do next. 

Michelle Aboodi, 28

Global Sustainability Analytics Product Manager, Converse; Boston


After graduating from New York University and working as a business coordinator for “Anderson Cooper 360” at CNN, Michelle Aboodi followed a longtime calling to help the planet. Pursuing an MBA in sustainability at Bard College, she found a passion for understanding how people consume and what they value — an insight that led her to Unilever, headquartered near her childhood home in Tenafly, New Jersey. She coordinated its social impact and human rights programs, and then pivoted to procurement.

“Procurement is really the space where you get to impact those big changes because you’re working with supply chains and suppliers,” she says. “My role in Unilever [was] getting people to think beyond their roles and broader into our supply chain, into our business, into our world.”

Aboodi developed a global sustainability dashboard highlighting the diversity and impact of the company’s sourcing — a model adopted broadly at Unilever. She’s bringing a savvy for sustainability storytelling through data to her new role at Converse, owned by Nike. Aboodi hopes to contribute to creating cutting-edge products that people want to buy, partly because they understand how they’re made.

“It’s become far too easy to just throw things away,” she says. “What I’d like to see for anything that involves production and making of things is how we can be less wasteful and more cognizant of all that we’re producing.”

— Myisha Majumder

Silvia Ainio, 28

Policy Expert, Sustainable Finance, European Commission; Brussels, Belgium


Silvia Ainio’s passion for addressing environmental degradation has roots with her family in northern Italy, where she recalls her beekeeper uncle talking about decreasing bee populations. “As a kid …….


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