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The Influence Of The Metaverse On Office Design And More Trends For 2022 – Allwork.Space

  • In 2022, there will be some new changes to the workplace that have been impacted by current trends spurred on by the pandemic. 
  • The role of the office has changed. As we move into 2022, the office will serve as a hub for company culture and collaboration.  
  • Furniture that provides both flexibility in use and privacy will be popular as workers return to the office.  

The world of work is continuously evolving and it follows never-ending trends, some of which will greatly improve the way we work in the future.  

The way in which the workplace is designed has a great effect on employee’s wellness and productivity. Many design companies have realized this and have come up with innovative ways to transform and improve the workplace/coworking spaces. 

In 2022, there will be some new changes to the workplace that have been impacted by current trends spurred on by the pandemic.  

The New Role of the Office  

The new role of the office in 2022 is about being a hub for company culture and for collaboration, dressed in the visual identity of the organization.  

An office serves as a representation of a brand’s identity and a space that communicates values and mission while creating meaningful experiences. 

Change of Culture and Reallocating Real Estate  

“Many of our clients are making the transition to unassigned seating in the office, with greater use of phone booths or semi-private rooms to provide team members with flexibility and choice. As the nature of business has changed since COVID, with more and more meetings being conducted virtually, there will be a need for office design that supports conference calls. Sophisticated, integrated technology will be introduced to accommodate a shifting hybrid workforce,” according to Jodi Williams, AICP, LEED AP ID+C, Prosci, CRTKL Principal and DC Office Lead. 

Outdoor Amenities  

“We are already seeing a shift in the hierarchy of amenities occupiers seek when choosing a new building or renovating their space. Demand for flexible, tech-connected private outdoor options will increase: the ability to go outside makes people not only feel safer in group meetings and individual work for those without enclosed offices, but also strikes all the notes for biophilia-related outcomes for health, wellbeing, productivity, and of course, sustainable use of resources,” added Williams.   

The workplace of 2022 will focus on creating more points of physically distanced and virtually connected spaces, indoor and out to respond to the …….


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