Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

The most common work-from-home injuries – PropertyCasualty360


Orr has seen several approaches to make sure employees’ home workstations are correctly set up. These range from directly providing equipment for remote workers and giving stipends to be used for home office furniture to extending company discounts on office furniture to employees. (Credit: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock.com)

The most common types of job-related injuries for remote and hybrid workers are in the lower and upper back, shoulders, hands and wrists, according to Lisa Orr, ergonomics expert and senior human factors consultant for Sedgwick.

Many of these injuries are because of improper home office accommodations, she says. This can include chairs that were not designed with support in mind or without height adjustments. Additionally, makeshift work surfaces such as dining tables and kitchen counters are often too high.

Source: https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2021/08/12/the-most-common-whf-injuries/

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