Sunday Dec 04, 2022

The Unexpected Costs of Working From Home Long-Term – GOBankingRates


If you didn’t have home office equipment already, purchasing essential supplies was likely a costly endeavor.

“Office equipment is one of the biggest expenses associated with working from home,” said Kyle Elliott, career coach and founder of “Not including a desk and chair, a home office setup of a laptop, keyboard and mouse can easily cost a thousand or more dollars.”

Even if you’re using equipment you already had, it can still come at a cost.

“Laptops, mobile phones, earphones and other personal devices that we are using for work are put into more use when people work from home. This shortens the lifespan of the devices, and you have to go back to your pocket to replace this essential equipment,” said Darrell Rosenstein, CEO of the recruiting firm The Rosenstein Group.

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