Sunday Nov 27, 2022

The working from home essentials you need, according to the IndyBest team – The Independent


Much like most of the nation, we at IndyBest have been working from home in various ways for almost two years. And during those many months, we’ve invested in countless items to make our days more comfortable and enjoyable – some of which have proved far more beneficial than others.

Working from home is obviously a challenging enterprise when you’re not set up for it with the functional kit, but even when you’ve got the likes of ergonomic office chairs and wireless keyboards at your disposal, finding ways to stay focused and motivated without the presence of your colleagues isn’t easy. 

Nor is creating a sense of separation between work and home life, especially if they happen to collide in one room (shout out to our fellow tiny-flat dwellers).

But no matter how much – or how little – space you have to play with, there are plenty of affordable buys that can help to improve the time you spend in your home office, even if that office is actually your kitchen table or bedroom.

So we’ve compiled an edit of the buys that we found ourselves returning to time and time again, which have really made all the difference.

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Some of our picks have helped us fix common WFH problems – improving our failing posture or making dialling into Zoom calls a whole lot smoother, for instance – while others are simply pick-me-ups that have enabled us to stay positive and productive during the longest lockdown days. 

Emma Henderson (Editor)

Ethernet LAN patch 3m cable and TP-link TL-WPA4220 2 port add-on powerline adapter: £43.97,


There’s nothing more annoying while working from home than bad internet, let me tell you. From not being able to hear everyone in a meeting – and worse, not being able to properly speak – to pages not loading while screen sharing to videos freezing and jittering. And as Zoom became the ultimate way for everyone to communicate, you can imagine how frustrating this very quickly became. After putting a wifi booster almost next to my makeshift desk didn’t help much, and spending too many meetings sitting in the corridor near to the router, and calls to the internet provider asking for help (obviously, none received), it was time to buy an ethernet cable. 

Not something I’m familiar with, as I’ve never needed my own office setup in my kitchen before. First, I needed a power line adapter, which sends the full-strength wifi signal through the whole electrical system of the house. The ethernet cable plugs into the wall socket on one end, and straight into my laptop with the other giving me a strong signal. Yes, there are ugly wires around the kitchen, but at least I can get through a meeting (touch wood). The best near £50 I’ve spent in lockdown, for sure. 

Buy adapter now

Buy cable now

Ellie Fry (Deputy editor)

Apple AirPods with charging case, 2nd gen: £124.99,


I’d avoided giving in to the wireless earbuds craze until quite recently, wondering how much more convenience they could really award me when my trusty wired pair had served me for so long. But they really do make everything so much easier. Despite not being dubbed as noise cancelling (the newer pro models …….


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