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This Is What ‘People-First’ Companies Look Like in Austin – Built In Austin


Putting people first looks different at different companies.

At Wix, being people-first means placing a major focus on developing leaders who are humane and act with compassion and empathy. For Prospera it’s about inspiration, with employees encouraged to share their passion with the team. AppSumo prioritizes acting quickly on feedback; the company launched a leadership training program one month after managers expressed interest in the idea.

Austin is full of companies that put their people first, and we recently spoke with employees at 12 of them. They told us what that means for their teams, cultures and perks and benefits packages.


Gonzalo Armendariz

Site Manager, Austin


Wix’s is platform that allows individuals and businesses to build websites with more than 500 customizable templates.


What steps has Wix taken to foster a people-first culture?

Studies show bad managers are a big reason people leave their jobs. To be proactive, Wix puts a lot of focus and attention on identifying and developing leaders on our team. Our people-first culture is the cornerstone of this approach. Beyond the tactical aspects of the job, we help leaders learn how to be compassionate, empathetic and humane. It’s “the Wix way.” For example, during one of the busiest times of the year for us, our user base was growing faster than we could support and we all felt the pressure. With everything exploding at the seams, we worried an upcoming all-hands call would be difficult. 

Our CEO spent the first 15 minutes addressing the hyper growth and acknowledged the pressure we were under. He then doubled down on our values of open communication, feedback and supporting one another, ending the call with a reminder that we are a people company before we are a product company. In a world that’s obsessed with bottom lines, this made a huge impact and showed us what great and compassionate leadership looks like.


What perks, benefits or other offerings help support a people-first company culture?

Some of our notable benefits are biweekly meal allowances through Benepass, 100 percent health insurance coverage, generous PTO and sick days, mental health resources and internal mobility tools. However, I think what really shows that Wix is a people-first company is how we show up for our employees in times of need. 

A lot of our employees lost power and water during the Austin ice storms. We called and checked in on our employees, offering hotels, transportation and anything else they needed. Our people and ops teams worked together to get supplies to affected employees. We shipped water and care packages to the area and hired services like TaskRabbit to hand-deliver them to our employees so that they and their families could be safe while they waited it out. This is just one of many examples of how Wix goes above and beyond to take care of our own.


How do you gauge the effectiveness of these efforts and ensure employees feel valued and supported? And what are some ways you’ve adapted your strategy in response?

We don’t rely on annual performance reviews or employee surveys because we feel they can be too impersonal and sometimes a little too late. Instead, we carve out space and time to regularly connect one on one. During these conversations, we talk about performance and encourage honest and …….


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