Friday Dec 02, 2022

Tips for Creating a Healthy home Workspace –


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have gotten used to working from home, and it has also become common practice by workplaces to allow employees to work from home when the need may arise.

In correspondence to working from home becoming a common practice, we see a vast increase in people having home offices. However, working from home can be distracting and create ergonomic problems, such as working from the bed instead of a desk.

Are you also tired of working all day from home at the dining table or struggling with maintaining your focus? Here are a few tips on how you can create a healthy workspace that increases your focus and comfort during the many working hours.

Create a quiet workspace

It can be hard not to get distracted when working from home with all the background noise from the kids’ arguing or playing, the running washing machine or the countless loud cars that constantly pass by.

Besides being distracting, the high noise level can also be bad for your health, as it can be stressful and increase your blood pressure.

To help you from getting distracted and feeling stressed, we collected a few ways in which you can create a quiet workspace:

  • You can use noise-cancelling headphones.

  • You can soundproof the room with plush furniture, acoustic panels or rugs. These thick materials isolate the room by absorbing noise. That way, the noise from the rest of the home is not disturbing you as much.

  • You can use sound-absorbing paint, as some of these can reduce up to 30% of noise in the house.

  • Lastly, you can try to drown out and mask the other noises with a white-noise machine.

It is important to consider which method fits your needs, personality, home and budget to get the most optimal effect and, hopefully, a less stressful work environment.

Perfekt your working posture

Another way you can create a healthy workspace is with office furniture that supports good posture and the placement of said furniture.

By creating an environment that promotes good posture, you will be able to focus and be more efficient as you do not feel pain or numbness, which makes you want to readjust yourself several times.

Here are a few tips on how you can set up a comfortable home office space:

  • Your desk: Your desk needs to be tall enough to have space for your knees and thighs while your feet are placed flat on the floor. Here, a height adjustable desk is ideal, as you can readjust the table height to fit your needs.

Additionally, when working while standing, you can achieve less pressure on your lower back, creating less numbness and pain.



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