Friday Dec 09, 2022

Tips To Prepare Your Kitchen For Canning Foods – Tasting Table


Once you understand the process, home canning is no more difficult than everyday cooking. As described by Ball Mason Jars, the food is processed in closed jars at high temperatures which forms a vacuum seal to protect the goods inside. As you begin the process of food preservation, you must first decide which method you want to use. In addition to drying, freezing, curing, fermentation, and pickling, home canning is an excellent way to preserve end-of-summer produce and store food over long periods. There are two main methods commonly utilized by home canners: water bath and pressure canning.

Water bath, or boiling water canning, is perhaps the most popular thanks to its simplicity and accessibility. In a large pot, jars are heated and filled, then sealed as they process over a specified amount of time. For the second method, a pressure canner requires a special type of kettle that uses pressure to create high temperatures that effectively sterilize the food and can be dangerous or ineffective if not properly managed. Generally, pressure canning is best for lower acid foods such as vegetables, stews, or stock, notes the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Water bath canning, Food in Jars says, is used for higher acid foods such as pickles, tomato sauce, salsa, or jam. Some foods can be processed using either method. Because water bath canning is the most popular and easiest to access, we will focus on this method.


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