Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

Top 10 lockdown items people regret buying which are now gathering dust – Daily Record


New research from GoCompare home insurance reveals that more than one in 10 people regret some of their lockdown purchases, and a third (32%) of these items are now unused and sitting around gathering dust.

During the pandemic and UK lockdowns, a third of people who took up a new hobby or side hustle spent an average of £232 buying equipment for these new pastimes. With homes being the only place people could go for months, many people also spent money on indoor and outdoor bars, patio heaters and hot tubs to make their surroundings more comfortable.

The research reveals that 12 per cent of those surveyed said they regretted making the initial purchase of at least one of these items.

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Top 10 lockdown items people regret buying

Of the items GoCompare asked about, below are the top 10 lockdown items that people regret buying:

  • Patio heaters – 18%
  • Sewing machine – 16%
  • Hot tub – 16%
  • Musical equipment – 10%
  • Fire pit – 9%
  • Bread maker – 9%
  • Pizza oven – 9%
  • An outdoor or indoor bar – 9%
  • Gym equipment – 8%
  • Desks / office equipment – 6%

Commenting on the research, Ceri McMillan, from GoCompare Home Insurance, said: “During the UK lockdowns, people were understandably investing in items to make their surroundings more comfortable and, with extra time on their hands, they were also looking to start new hobbies and even side hustles. It was well documented at the time that more people were baking, sewing and turning their outdoor spaces into sanctuaries.

“And while some people will still be making good use of these gadgets and various pieces of equipment, it appears from our research that a lot of these items are just sitting around gathering dust.”

If you have a lockdown purchase you’re no longer using, sell it on and make some extra cash this summer.

GoCompare home insurance has also shared tips to help people work out the value of their home contents.

These include:

  • Walk around your property and make a list of your possessions – including carpets, curtains, garden furniture, plus any possessions you keep in the attic, shed, garage or outbuildings
  • Estimate how much each possession costs – if you’re not sure, do some research to find what similar items are worth
  • For any expensive single items, such as jewellery or gadgets, get an up-to-date valuation and look into personal possessions insurance
  • Add the total cost of all your possessions combined to work out the amount of cover you need

GoCompare also has a contents calculator which can help you ensure that your home insurance is fit for purpose when it comes to your home contents – you can use it here.

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Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/money/lockdown-items-people-regret-buying-27316312

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