Friday Dec 02, 2022

University of New South Wales spotlights 10 landscape architecture and design projects – Dezeen


A desk that transforms into a space for quiet study and a vessel that lets people grow mushrooms at home are included in Dezeen’s latest school show by the University of New South Wales.

Also included is a project that explores the benefits of marine habitats and farming, and another that looks at the regeneration of Sydney’s Bays West Precinct.

School: University of New South Wales
Courses: Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design and Computational Design

School statement:

“At the School of Built Environment, we shape future cities – cities that are resilient, sustainable, connected, healthy, smart, liveable, and inclusive.

“We focus on the challenges of cities at every scale, from industrial designed products to the architectural design of buildings and landscapes, through to urban and regional policy and planning.

“Our education and research respond to the changing needs of the professions while also anticipating the future challenges society faces.

“We develop skilled and creative graduates, with conscience, who can positively engage, adapt and design our future cities for the benefit of all people, with the planet firmly in mind.”

Butterfly Knot: Connecting Human and Non-human Ecologies by Yee To Ng

“Butterfly Knot is a project that explores the regeneration of Sydney’s Bays West Precinct into a post-industrial landscape that blurs transit-oriented development with ecological and urban growth.

“Rather than positioning transport as an ‘other’ to ecology, it investigates opportunities of ‘fluttering’ between the two programmes.

“The image depicts a hybrid space programmed with a working port, a butterfly pollination zone, and a pedestrian-friendly precinct.

“How can we as landscape architects and agents of change test ideas to design the urban realm to be one of both human and non-human equality?”

Student: Yee To Ng
Course: Bachelor in Landscape Architecture
Tutors: Patrick Franklyn and Mike Harris
Email: toto9829[at]

Lusty Street Reserve, Bardwell Valley Parklands Green Grid Priority Corridor by Zhiyuan Wu

“This project shows the important intersection of a ‘natural green corridor’ with a newly created urban vitality centre.

“A vibrant urban green space, integrated into a complete green corridor system, serves as an important connection point for walking and cycling network in the area.

“It is full of popular recreational opportunities to enhance the life quality and wellbeing of the community.”

Student: Zhiyuan Wu
Master of Landscape Architecture
Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard and Lee Roberts

Turrella Station North Park, Bardwell Valley Parklands Green Grid Priority Corridor by Yudi Li

“The site is surrounded by light industrial, commercial buildings adjacent to Wolli Creek and Turrella North train station.

“Flooding is one of the key issues in this area of the Bardwell Valley Parklands green corridor.

“The design proposes to improve the connections, protect and enhance the environment. It also seeks to conserve culture and heritage, and provide facilities for leisure and recreation.

“Turrella Station North creates …….


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