Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Want to Work From Home? Here’s What to Do in the Office – Bloomberg


Employees have gotten accustomed to working from anywhere they want, but companies are increasingly insisting they return to the office. That’s not sitting well with everyone. “Some of us really do not want to go back just for the sake of being in the office,” says Andrei Kurtuy, co-founder and chief communications officer at CV builder Novorésumé. He minimizes his in-office days by working ahead, arranging virtual meetings, and—counterintuitively—planning regular office days. Here are eight ways to spend less time in the office.

Just Stay Home
A surprisingly effective move is to simply stay put and get your work done. Attorney Richard Brandenstein, a partner and specialist in administrative law at FBR Law, says managers have little reason to call out overperformers for not showing up at the office. “For the most part, they only want to keep the lights on for the general sense of industry and success that it demonstrates,” he says.


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