Thursday Feb 02, 2023

What safety professionals need to know about at-home ergonomics – Canadian Occupational Safety


Whereas before, working from home was a free-for-all, now workers choosing to do so more permanently need a proper office set up, with office hours “to really minimize that stress load for each individual person working from home,” she says.

“One of the biggest challenges for ergonomics is when we’re working from home, we’re not necessarily set up to the same standard as we are in the office,” says Kathy-Lynn Shaw, Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and Registered Kinesiologist, Kinetic Life Solutions.

There are a lot of external challenges for those working from home, such as childcare and other kinds of external influences that don’t exist in the office environment, that can affect worker health.

“If you are working from home, the biggest tip from an ergonomist’s perspective is to get adjustable equipment,” says Shaw. But workers may not have access to adjustable desks or monitors – especially if telework is a temporary solution as is the case for many workers amid the current Omicron wave.

Better support

An optimal ergonomic set-up is essential for worker health and safety. However, for those employees only temporarily working from home, investing hundreds of dollars in ergonomic equipment may not be an ideal solution. For these workers, Shaw offers some basic tips:


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