Sunday Apr 02, 2023

Whether You Realize It Or Not, Your Home Plays A Massive Role In Your Mental Health — This Wellness-Focused Architect Is Sharing Simple Ways To Optimize It For Happiness – BuzzFeed


🏠 DESIGN TIP #1: Display art and other items because you personally find them beautiful — not just because you saw an aesthetically-pleasing trend online. In choosing what we display to our loved ones (and ourselves), the mental health benefits far outweigh any aesthetic value.

“When we look at things that we find visually beautiful, we actually get the same physical and psychological responses as when we fall in love,” Ben told BuzzFeed. “Putting things in your home that you find beautiful is also one of the cheapest ways to make your home more uplifting.”

Since the items you’d ideally choose to display in your home should inspire you, the person who lives there, you can disregard visual art “trends” if they’re outside your budget (or if they never really resonated with you in the first place). If it speaks to you, it’s probably worth displaying — whether it’s a photo you love, something you found at a thrift store, or even a free downloaded print.


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