Sunday Feb 05, 2023

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Working From Home?

To answer simply, home insurance is primarily used to protect your personal and structural property. It’s not necessarily designed to provide sufficient coverage if you work from home.2

However, if you use any business-owned devices or equipment in your remote role, homeowners insurance has strict limitations in covering the damage or loss.3

The most standard type of homeowners policy is known as a Special Form or HO-3. This type of policy only provides $2,500 for business devices and equipment coverage if you’re working inside of your home. You may receive an additional $500 in coverage if you work remotely at a nearby location, like a local cafe or shared workspace.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Laptop Damage?

Standard home insurance policies do offer some protection for business-owned laptops, but there are coverage limitations. If the damage or loss happens in your home, you may be compensated for up to $2,500, while if it happens away from your home, you will be paid only $250.3

If the company-owned laptop that you use for remote work gets stolen, your employer will cover the loss with their commercial property insurance. If it’s your personal laptop that’s stolen, it should be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.3


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