Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

‘You name it. I’ve sold it’: Delaware state surplus store now in Smyrna – Bay to Bay News


SMYRNA — If in 2022 you are looking to start a new restaurant, a business, a new hobby, find a new vehicle, or convert a former school bus into a party wagon — you should start the new year with a trip to the state of Delaware’s surplus property store.

When you look around your house and find a lot of things you don’t use anymore, you may hold a yard sale or post items for sale online. The state of Delaware does the same thing, but they have a special department to take care of those surplus items.

Delaware Surplus Services recently relocated from Delaware City to northern Smyrna and opened a new showroom and sales lot filled with items once used by many of the state’s agencies that now need a new home.

If you are looking for a folding table, some office equipment, a car, a kayak or a French horn, you should visit the store at 5408 DuPont Parkway in Smyrna.

“We’ve got couches, desks, chairs, file cabinets, vehicles, kitchen equipment. We get a lot of school cafeteria equipment. When they get new, then we get the old and we sell it to restaurants or people,” said Normajane Davall, surplus property program manager.

“People buy all kinds of stuff from us. We’ve sold countless little coffee pots, microwaves … They come in, they purchase something, we load it on their truck and they take it.”

Ms. Davall has been in the surplus sales business for many years. She has worked with the state of Delaware for 25 years and before that she worked for the federal government for 27 years selling its surplus.

“I love surplus,” she said, laughing. “You name it. I’ve sold it.”

“I sold the I-95 rest area. All the stuff inside it before they tore it down to put the new one in. I’ve sold helicopters, state of Delaware planes.”

In her career she’s sold the president’s yacht, the governor’s SUV, even live and dead animals.

“A gentleman and his wife came in recently. His daughter needed a folding table for her sewing. They got two. Everything is pretty reasonable,” Ms. Davall said.

Office chairs are usually priced between $5 and $10. Filing cabinets, depending on their condition, may sell for $25.

Recently, Ms. Davall sold 22 DART buses. The purchaser plans to recycle and reuse the former public transportation vehicles, Ms. Davall said.

“The guy said to me, ‘That is going to be your next washer and dryer.’ He’s going to crush them.”

Many shoppers visit the state’s surplus store looking for items to resell. Old furniture is often purchased to fill antique shops or taken to places like New York City to be sold in trendy street markets.

Visitors to the store are not just from Delaware.

“We have a guy who comes from California to buy school buses. He brings like five guys. They start them up. They drive them to California from here. I don’t know what they do with them,” Ms. Davall said.

Property doesn’t mean land

“By Delaware code, property that’s disposed of, that’s no longer necessary or useful by the state, is intended to be disposed of by surplus property, but that excludes real property. So, land is disposed of in an alternative manner, but capital goods that still have useful …….

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